Hey everyone.
I am a beginner mandolin player, and I also play the fiddle. I find picking to be very easy, and chords as well. I just have a hard time remembering the chords. Is there any good website that anyone knows of where they show you all the chords. Sort of a guideline that I can print out to use while I am practicing at home. Thanks!
- Hillary
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What's the neatest and/or 'least predictable' form of music/group/genre/etc you've incorporated mandolin in or heard it incorporated in?

(And yes, I realized that was quite possibly the most poorly formed sentence ever written, but I'm having trouble with words and think you all know what I mean anyhow. :P)

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Hey folks,

Looking into picking up my first mandolin---was looking at the Johnson MF 100E---can anyone tell me anything about it? How is it? I'm also looking at the Johnson MA 115E (although I like the F Style better).

Anyone know anything about either of these? Where I'm looking, the A style is about $80-90 cheaper than the F style...does one sound better? Are either worth playing?


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Any tips for mandolin travel on airplane? Is it a small enough instrument to pass as a carry-on? What is the best way to ensure that nothing happens to it (especially if I have to check it)? Etc. Thank you. :)

upcoming Mandolin workshops/weekends

Hello all!

I've been checking out a few Mandolin camps and conferences online and found two that I could afford (but I highly doubt that I can afford both :)

Has anyone ever attended Mandolin Camp North and/or Steve Kaufman's Mandolin Kamp? What was it like? Is it worth the money? How was travel and accomidations? What were the teachers like? Customer service? Etc.?

Thanks for any information you can give me, and let me know if you are attending-- maybe I'll see ya there!

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Hello all!

Just started playing mandolin, and I find it to be much easier on small hands than a guitar! I've played violin for almost 15 years, and I am finding it pretty simple to just pick out tunes on the mandolin that I have played on the violin. So far, Irish tunes are the easiest (and best sounding).

I'm having a little trouble stretching my hands for chords, but I'm not too worried, because I hope it will become easier in time. :)

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, as well as any suggestions on books!

Thanks a bunch!

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I saw this community and just had to join! I am music major in wisconsin. my primary instrument is voice, but not too long ago I decided to pick up the mandolin. I am now hooked. glad there's a community for someone like me!
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